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Recently, I put out a detailed analysis of how Google Ads was broken and basically burning our advertising dollars.

In the “Search Partners Black box” section, I wrote about how the Search Partner Networks on Google Ads & Microsoft Ads are a massive interstellar black-hole for our advertising dollars.

So using some simple web development and security knowledge, I decided to figure out WHO these Search Partners are.

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Table of Contents

  1. Google Ads Search Partners Call Conversions Part 1
  2. Google Ads Search Partners List
  3. Google Ads Display Network List
  4. Microsoft Ads Syndicated Search Partners List
  5. Google Ads Search Partners Call Conversions Part 2
  6. Conclusion

The Google Ads Complete Search Partners List BlackBox

Below you can see a small campaign that I am currently running.

The campaign is a ‘Call-Only' Campaign (now called Call Ads)

For a few days, I completely forgot to disable ‘search partners', and saw really poor conversion rates.

After segmenting the campaign into ‘Networks', I noticed the mistake.

Google Ads Search Partners Cost Per Conversion for this specific campaign

Interestingly enough, Search Partners still managed to bring in conversions, although at twice the cost per conversion, although this specific campaign did not break even.

So I decided to find these infamously secret ‘Search Partners'. Some of them are already revealed by Google such as Google Maps, YouTube, and Gmail.

I did a quick search and found this Click-bait Article on a Google Search Partners List. While the article itself is a good primer into what Search partners are, it ultimately didn't provide an ACTUAL list of Google Search Partners or Microsoft Ads Syndicated Search Partners.

But one example they DID provide was ‘The Guardian Newspaper‘. By clicking the Search button, you can see they have “Powered by Google Custom Search“.

Google Ads Search Partner: The Guardian

Doing a simple right-click + inspect on Google Chrome on the Search box itself revealed the source code:

GSC is short form for Google Search Console

We then take any of those GSC-whatever, and plug it into a source-code search engine such as (Make sure to add “quotes” around the word for phrase-match.

And we get a list of ALL of Googles Search partner sites (at least the ones that don't block crawlers such as Publicwww):

Almost 90,000 Google Search Partners Discovered

You can purchase a membership on to download the entire list, or just find another source-code search engine (there are a couple out there).

Using Google Search Partner as an example, we can see how the search ads are displayed when I typed in “Home Insurance”.


Google Search Partner Ads for Home Insurance on a site about programming (C# Corner)

Google Display Network Partners List

The Google Display Network (GDN) is EXTREMELY hard to convert. I've only had very minimal success running ads on the GDN, and they were always strictly remarketing campaigns.

As I'm sure you already know, GDN ads look like this:

For the Google Display network, we can type in the following piece of code into publicwww:

  • adsbygoogle

This results in more than a million Google Display Search Partners:

A list of all Google Display Network Partners

Luckily, Google allows you to be VERY granular in your targeting on the GDN, but honestly, you are better off just using it strictly for remarketing to those who've already interacted with your ads.

Microsoft Ads Syndicated Search Partners List

Microsoft Ads is the failed, handicapped brother of Google Ads.

Microsoft Ads is slow to implement features compared to Google Ads such as proper call-only ads and proper call-tracking. Furthermore, their network is absolutely filled with Bot / Fraud traffic clicking on your ads.

Their major search networks include,, and

Results from

But they also have a bunch of fake trash websites using their search engine such as:

  • (the following 3 all look the exact same)

These sites are somehow gaming the Microsoft Ads system, and sending fraudulent generic search query clicks such as “car insurance near me”, to get free money from unsuspecting advertisers.

I've reported this to Microsoft, but they are slow to react, unfortunately. They could probably use some Google reCaptcha to prevent Bot Traffic.

You can look through the Microsoft Ads Syndicated Search Partner Networks by using the following queries in

  • Results by Microsoft
  • Powered by Bing

Microsoft Ads Syndicated Search Partners

A lot of these fraudulent clicks extend into the Microsoft Ads Syndicated Partners Shopping Campaigns as well.

I didn't realize I was just getting fraudulent clicks until it was too late:

A list of Microsoft Ads syndicated Search Partners after running traffic through them


Call Ads Search Partners Call Conversions Part 2

But it's not all bad news.

With respect to Call Ads on search partners, I enabled the “Phone Calls” column to see how many clicks actually converted into calls, and these were the results for the Google Search vs. Google Search Network:

Search Partners had a zero % (PTR) phone-through-rate

Search Partners had a zero % (PTR) phone-through-rate, YET, when I ran this on another campaign, there were still conversions, so the PTR metric for search partners simply doesn't work at the moment.

Call Ad conversions using Google Search Partners

There is no way I could optimize or segment the search partners in this campaign to figure out how to increase conversions here. But nonetheless, this was interesting to see.

Google Search Partner & Microsoft Ads Syndicated Partners Conclusion

For years, I've been recommending disabling search partners in my Pay Per Call Training and Video Tutorials. It's not different now.

With no transparency from Google Ads with Search Partners, you are fighting an uphill battle for conversion optimization. As stated, there isn't even a way to segment regular Google vs. Search Partners.

So this territory is only for the already successful, and advanced Internet Marketers.

Microsoft Ads Syndicated Partners are mostly a joke, with only a few good search engines (like Ecosia and Duckduckgo). But in order to get to these networks, you need to pre-build a website exclusion list to exclude the rest of the garbage search partners on the Microsoft network.

And finally, with respect to Pay Per Call, as you can see, it's a hit and miss. There is potential there, but once again, conversion optimization is almost impossible.

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Download The Complete List

=> Also, you can download the Complete Google Ads Search Partner & Display Network List by signing up at (check your emails).




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