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When I travel the world, and explain to people what I do for a living (other than traveling all the time), at first most people are confused, but then amazed at how money can be made by simply generating phone calls to various businesses and agencies.

What is Pay Per Call Advertising?

This is how I explain it as simply as possible:

  1. You decide one day to visit a restaurant that offers delicious vegan food.
  2. You turn on your phone, and type in (or say) “vegan restaurants near me” into Google.
  3. Google shows you a bunch of ads at the top of the search results
  4. When you click on one of these ads, instead of going to a website, you are lead into a phone call.
  5. Once you chat with the business for 2-3 minutes by phone…
  6. I earn a commission.

This is called Pay Per Call Advertising, but more specifically Affiliate Pay Per Call Advertising. Sounds simple right?

Table of Contents

  1. Why Do You Need Pay Per Call Advertising?
  2. Pros & Cons of Pay Per Call Advertising
  3. Which Niches Perform Well With Pay Per Call Advertising?
  4. Marketing Channels For Pay Per Call Advertising?
  5. What Do Pay Per Call Ads Look Like?
  6. How To: Pay Per Call Ads Video Tutorial
  7. Advanced Pay Per Call Training
  8. Affiliate Pay Per Call Advertising Guide
  9. Pay Per Call Networks List
  10. When Does A Pay Per Call Offer Convert?
  11. What is the Callers Journey?
  12. Pay Per Call Advice & Tips For Affiliates, Agencies & Businesses
  13. Your Pay Per Call Call To Action (Conclusion)

1. Why Do You Need Pay Per Call Advertising?

Pay Per Call Advertising is one of the highest converting methods for selling something.

When speaking over the phone with a customer service representative, the probability of converting a caller into a buyer can range from 10-50% sometimes (based on my own advertising experience & data). On the other hand, with Ecommerce for example, the industry average is a 1-3% conversion rate (also based on my own Ecom experience).

My data from Calls generated with Pay Per Call. Conversion rates range from 5% to 30% (in this case)

My data from Calls generated with Pay Per Call. Conversion rates range from 5% to 30% (in this case)

2. Pros & Cons of Pay Per Call Advertising

Like any form of marketing, there will always be pros and cons to weigh. Since I am an affiliate Pay Per Call Advertiser, the weight of these factors can be higher or lower for a Business or Agency.

Pay Per Call Advertising Pros

  1. Higher Conversion Rates: speaking on the phone has a high probability of a sale
  2. Payouts can be ridiculously high: from $50 per 2 minute call, to $1,000+ per 2 minute call for some niches
  3. Call-Only Ads are relatively easy to start: no complex websites needed
  4. Lowest probability of fraud traffic: due to human call-centers filtering the calls
  5. Call recordings: can provide much deeper customer intent information for more marketing potential

Pay Per Call Advertising Cons

  1. As an Affiliate or Agency you don't own the leads/customers: you can keep the leads if you perform call-tracking, but this is relative to how much information you keep, and how well you can resell the leads
  2. Lots of moving parts in a conversion: call-center staffing limits & down-times, how calls are routed
  3. Call traffic limited to number of Call-center agents available
  4. Conversion tracking can be complicated on certain off-line marketing channels (ie. Radio, billboards, etc)

3. Which Niches Perform Well With Pay Per Call Advertising?

Service industries do really well with Pay Per Call including;

  • home improvement and maintenance services
  • travel agencies
  • financial services
  • health care services
  • legal services to name a few.

Information products and services in the $500+ range can also sell really well over the phone.

4. On What Marketing Channels Can I do Pay Per Call Advertising?

This one is simple. You can post your phone number anywhere, but some marketing channels have a higher conversion rate than others. These include:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads) – this is my preferred method since it's highly analytical and trackable
  2. Video Advertising (YouTube & Facebook) – Television has been replaced for many people, so this is the new method of choice for video advertising & pay per call
  3. Display Advertising – similar to Youtube, I would use this mostly for remarketing to existing visitors who haven't made up their minds yet
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Google or Bing listing your website for free. This is the slowest method, and can take anywhere from 3 months to years, but the cost per conversion goes to zero
  5. Email – if you manage to buy an email list, you can send them typical financial offers.
  6. Offline – Print Advertising (magazines, journals, posters), Billboards, Radio, etc. These have a much higher overhead cost, but the potential for much less competition

5. What Do Pay Per Call Ads Look Like?

Below you will see the standard Google Call Ads & Click Ads with a Call Extension. These ad formats change every 1-2 years with new updates from Google, but the purpose is always the same, to generate phone calls.

Google Ads Pay Per Call Advertising - This is a call-ad (formerly Call-only) that leads directly into a phone call.

Google Ads Pay Per Call Advertising – This is a call-ad (formerly Call-only) that leads directly into a phone call.

Google Ads: This is a normal Click Ad but with a Call-Extension at the bottom.

Google Ads: This is a normal Click Ad but with a Call-Extension at the bottom.

6. How To Create Your Own Pay Per Call Ads On Google Ads (Step by Step Video)

Every year, I release a tutorial on how to create Call-Ads on Google Ads. While the end goal is always to generate more calls, every iteration of Google Ads increases the number of features in the system.

[youtube video=”y7gC_4HUv5o”]

In this Pay Per Call Tutorial I cover:

  1. What is Pay Per Call (0:58)
  2. All Topics Covered (2:08)
  3. Frequently Asked Questions & Recommendations (3:23)
  4. (New) Business & Identity Verification (4:25)
  5. Account Creation (5:06)
  6. Campaign Creation (6:10)
  7. Audiences Overview (8:31)
  8. Campaign Creation cont'd (9:46)
  9. (New) Keyword Design (BMM) (11:15)
  10. Ad Design (Keyword Insertion) (15:04)
  11. Phone Verification (17:36)
  12. (New) Final URL (18:03)
  13. Call Conversion Tracking (19:16)
  14. (New) Call Metrics Column (22:15)
  15. Search Terms Data (22:59)
  16. Negative Keywords (24:11)
  17. (New) Caller Details / Recordings (24:51)
  18. Performance Overview Data (26:37)
  19. Review (28:04)
  20. Call To Action & Conclusion (29:59)

Keep in mind, I update this video regularly, as things are always changing with Google Ads.

7. Advanced Pay Per Call Training

After you've created a few basic campaigns, you eventually need the knowledge to out-compete everyone else who is advertising. For that you will need more in-depth training using advanced techniques and strategies.

For that, you can check out my => Advanced Pay Per Call Training by subscribing to <=

The Advanced Pay Per Call Training is constantly being updated 🙂

8. Pay Per Call For Affiliate Marketers Guide & Offers

The majority of my cash comes from Affiliate Pay Per Call Advertising. For that you need 2 things:

  1. Find An Offer To Promote
  2. Join an Affiliate Network

These two are mutually connected to each other, since you will be promoting offers within an affiliate network if you decide to become an Affiliate Marketer.

Offers To Promote

Finding an Offer to Advertise on Google Ads is very simple, and you can find a bunch of Pay Per Call Offers here on OfferVault.

Pay Per Call Offers Available on OfferVault

Pay Per Call Offers Available on OfferVault

Keep in mind, finding offers to promote, and joining an affiliate network are the easy parts. The hard part is primarily the marketing and quality assurance of the calls.

Most Affiliate Networks generally promote the same offers, so you need to do your research / due diligence.

Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks & Offers “Things To Look For”:

  1. The affiliate network is reputable (atleast 2-3 years in the market)
  2. The payout for an offer is atleast $20+ when starting out (google ads can be expensive to advertise on)
  3. The affiliate network has a responsive Affiliate Management team.

Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks & Offers “Things To LookOut For and Avoid”:

  1. Many Affiliate Networks simply resell (rebroker) the traffic you send them to other networks (playing man-in-the-middle), thus providing no real value
  2. I've seen the same Affiliate Offer listed as $15 on one network, and $5 on another network (the second network simply resold to a higher paying network and so on)

Pay Per Call Advertising Offer Selection Criteria

  1. Before promoting an offer, make sure to test call the number provided
  2. Listen to how long it takes for the call center to pick up the phone
  3. Find out which brand or business is buying the calls
  4. Check how many times the call is transferred from one verification to another (I've listened to calls that were transferred atleast 4 times before) – this could indicate a heavily brokered offer or an overly complicated call-routing process
  5. Bonus: Affiiate Networks that constantly switch their geo-targeting (ie. zipcodes) and payout should be avoided for beginners

9. For A List of Affiliate Networks

Check out my previous list of Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks over at

10. When Does A Pay Per Call Offer Convert?

Each Affiliate Network, Agency and Business have different conversion criteria for each offer to promote. These conversion criteria can include:

  1. Duration of the Call: 5 seconds to 5 minutes for example
  2. Geographic area of the caller: by zip-code, postal code, city, state, province, country, etc
  3. Time of the Call: is it between the allocated time slots of 8am to 9pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)?
  4. Caller Value: Are they calling about patching a hole in their roof, or do they want to completely re-do their roof
  5. Caller Intent: Are they looking for your service, or are they looking for a specific brand or business?
  6. Repeat Caller: Has this customer called before, are they an existing customer, or are they a new customer?

Some Affiliate Network Offers simply filter on 4 of these criteria (duration, geo, time, repeat callers), while others will only convert if all 6 of the criteria are met.

Obviously, the more criteria that needs to be met, the better it is for the business who wants the leads, but the more costly it can be for a marketer.

11. What is the Caller Journey When Calling?

Usually, when calling, there are several prompts that filter the caller in the right direction (and filter them out if they are completely not relevant). Depending on the geographic area, the caller might be routed to one business, or depending on the call hours or call-center load, they can be routed to another business.

The initial filtering is handled by a Call-Routing Platform, while further filtering, routing, and sales process will be handled by a human.

12. Pay Per Call Advice & Tips For Everyone

For Affiliate Marketers, if you are first starting out, look for 24/7 offers that are national (typically USA), but you will need to move onto more granular targeting as soon as possible to out-compete other advertisers.

For Businesses, advertising on Google Ads can be a daunting scientific task which can take you away from your main business. So outsource this if possible, and contact the Google Ads customer support for additional help.

For Agencies, your job is to keep clients as long as possible, so focus on providing as much customer care value and quality leads as possible. As an agency, you typically deal directly with the client, so you need to be very mindful of quality.

Focus on Google Ads since it is the fastest way to learning to be analytical and data-driven, but be VERY frugal when spending on Google Ads, since you are still learning.

Learn, accumulate, and analyze data, day by day, and AVOID getting greedy and increasing your budgets (how much you spend on advertising) drastically, since Google has no problem burning through your cash.

Always Be Testing, since marketing is 10% creativity and 90% data-driven testing. I made these number up, but you get my point. Test, test test, Always be testing!

Your Pay Per Call Advertising Call To Action

My Pay Per Call Revenue numbers from the beginning of this post

As I said previously, Pay Per Call Advertising has been my biggest money maker for the longest time. It's definitely NOT for everyone, but those that do focus on it can have incredible results!

You will not get rich overnight, although this SOMETIMES happens if you find the right offers and angles. But when it DOES happen, it gives you just a bit more freedom and leverage to do what you want in life, and expand into harder advertising niches.

For the most part, you will be spending hours on end looking at Search Terms, Phone Call generated, Call recordings, and Profit and Loss Numbers.

The dopamine rush you get by profiting from discovering a new marketing strategy is always an amazing feeling, and is why I really enjoy this make-money-online space!


If you want even MORE Advanced Pay Per Call Training, then simply join the email list at

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  1. What happened when you get your AdWords account suspended? Google has been really hard to advertise pay per call campaigns on

    • Hey Keni, great question. I was able to overcome the suspensions eventually, but there is no definitive solution to it. There will be a more in-depth guide to avoiding suspensions within the Advanced Training shortly.

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