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The third most asked question I always receive is “which networks should I join?” (the first being ‘how do I get unsuspended on Google Ads, followed by ‘which offers should I run').

Pay Per Call Affiliate networks are always shifting, changing, updating or even disappearing altogether. The networks that were popular in 2013 and 2014, might not even be around anymore, while the networks that popped up just 1 year ago might be running the hottest, most exclusive offers around.

Here is a short list of the Top Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks that I have generated cash with, and would recommend to you.

Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks Ultimate List


These guys are definitely one of the more trustworthy Pay Per Per Call networks in the game. They've hosted several private Pay Per Call webinars where they even revealed their campaigns and data without any of the annoying ‘make money online' fluff (you'll have to ask your affiliate manager for the links to those super secret private videos).

What also makes MarketCall unique is that they allow you to listen to your unconverted calls (unlike Invoca for affiliates), AND they provide Pay per call landing pages for those who want to try something other than Call-only ads. When you login to the MarketCall, you will notice that the platform is custom-built with all of the features of a top-tier pay per call tracking platform.

I also commend Marketcall for some of their more exclusive payouts and offers (I've seen a few offers on their network that pay more than anywhere else).

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MarketCalls Custom Platform

Aragon Advertising Network

Aragon is probably the affiliate network with the most number of pay per call offers available to run. Some of their offers are brokered from other networks, and some are exclusive because they have agents who actively contact businesses to get them onboard for affiliates to promote.

While I've been a member with Aragon since 2017, I only started generating large volumes of traffic with them since early February of 2020. No issues with payouts, and my affiliate manager constantly informs me of new offers to run, and sometimes invites me to run offers exclusively before other affiliates.

Aragon runs on the Invoca Call Tracking Back-end, so you can trust that the calls you generate will be credited.

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Aragon Advertising Network Front-End

Astoria Company

Astoria has been around forever, and feature a dozen or so exclusive offers that other networks might not have. On the other hand, they have more than 50+ offers at any given time that you can run through their network, which is a HUGE benefit if you want to test various niches. Furthermore, their affiliate team are very responsive.

I've been running traffic to their offers for a few months now, and I can safely say they are on top of things, and constantly looking for ways to help affiliates improve their conversion rates.

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Palo Media

Palo is a very niche network with a handful of offers in the Medical insurance and Legal niches. I was running a fairly profitable campaign with them before the pandemic hit. But otherwise, this is a good network to test out a couple very niche offers with intermediate difficulty.

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HyperTarget Marketing

When I applied, I was mostly interested in their Spanish-speaking offers, as well as a couple unique offers that I had accumulated keyword traffic for (while testing other offers on other networks). Payouts were on time, and there is some further potential here, but I found some technical issues on the occasion with Call centers not picking up, or not speaking Spanish for example (use a call-recording platform and listen to your calls).


I ran traffic with these guys for about 2 months recently (I ran traffic with them, unsuccessfully, back in 2017 as well), and I'm including this network to simply indicate that they exist.

In theory, this network has a lot of potential because they cover a LOT of legit businesses (or call centers) that need traffic. Unfortunately, their conversion criteria is a complete mess and completely unreliable with constantly changing payouts and locations.

Consistently, I was provided with a zipcode list that would indicate a payout of $20+, yet conversions would come in at $3-4 for those zipcodes.

Furthermore, their tracking platform is a completely barebones html table of conversion time and if the calls converted (the backend looks like it was built in 1996 using basic HTML and php)

Nonetheless, their list of niches to promote looks great on paper and their affiliate team is decent, but analytics, conversion tracking, and reliable conversion criteria is a complete disaster.

OfferVault Pay Per Call Network Aggregator

Last but not least should be THE source of your network and offer research. This is the go-to for most affiliates who are looking for unique offers to run OR who are looking for higher payouts AND to determine if their current network is simply brokering their offer.

You can see which networks actually offer ‘Top Payout', while others could potentially be re-brokering from other networks (just one indicator of several to look for).

OfferVault pay per call Networks

Finding & Evaluating Pay Per Call Offers & Networks For Success

While the lists above can be found from within OfferVault, some offers can only be found through certain media channels, which can bring in more exclusive offers, higher payouts and less competition.

To find out more, check out my post in the Advanced Pay Per Call on Finding & Evaluating Pay Per Call Offers For Success

Advanced Finding Affiliate Offers Methods

Tip 1: Experience Required?

Most networks will require 2 forms of experience verification: the first being a reference of networks or affiliate manager names that you have worked with, and the second being proof of income from 1 or 2 networks.

For the majority that are starting out and don't have any proof of income, or a reference, don't let this hold you back. Some networks are a bit more laissez-faire (lenient and free-going) towards newbies.

Tip 2: Proof Of Legitimacy

One of the biggest concerns for affiliate networks is verifying that you are a legit affiliate advertiser as well, and not another blackhat affiliate trying to making a quick buck.

In this case, I recommend building out a basic Digital Agency website, and link to your social media profiles on Facebook / Linkedin / Instagram.

Tip 3: If At First You Don't Succeed

You may get rejected by some networks. If you are a newbie and could not provide proof of experience, don't worry, come back in a month or 2 when you have experience again.

To re-apply, simply contact the network directly via. email and possibly have a Skype chat with them to confirm you are a real affiliate, and know which niches you have traffic for.

I was recently rejected with a network, and had to contact them directly over several emails to clarify my level of experience and that I had a legitimate digital presence.


I have only added networks into the list which I have personally worked with, and can vouch for (or against).

Some networks I decided to leave off this list because it has been quite some time since I ran traffic with them (Neverblue/Globewide Media, mundomedia, RexDirect, mobilefused, etc).

As mentioned earlier, affiliate networks come and go, and many of them simply re-broker offers from one network to another. Your best bet is to visit OfferVault and apply to as many networks as possible that feature offers that you would like to run.

Then apply to as many offers as possible that fit your niche and expertise and Test, test, test!

Ultimately, Testing Builds keyword list, optimizes your intuition, but more importantly reveals what other marketers may have missed that you can capitalize on.

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Quote of the Day:

Testing Builds keyword list, optimizes your intuition, but more importantly reveals what other marketers may have missed that you can capitalize on. ~ Leonidas


    • Pay per call can make you 1-2k per day if you find the right keywords and ads. That’s just a bit faster than how much tesla can appreciate in value (unless of course you invested 1 million into Tesla).

    • Hey Harry, I don’t recommend running tech support on Google Ads. It will more than likely result in a suspension, and a very difficult time getting back onto Google Ads after.

  1. Hi Leonidas:

    Your Advanced Pay Per Call training covers all current issues with Google including how to resolve or handle the business ID requirements.. and how to be proficient at PPCall after learning your present techniques? Does it touch on using Bing as an additional traffic source as they have less traffic but far fewer compliance issues for the ads and account also. I have done PPC before and YT Ads etc/Bing but no PPCall as of yet but want to pursue it as my main focus if possible. Thanks!

    • Hey Dean, great questions!

      1. I don’t cover the biz ID verification requirements in the course, but there are a couple comments about it in the facebook group:

      2. How to be proficient, most definitely. In the course, you will learn techniques and skills that are much higher level than your typical Google Ads/microsoft ads training

      3. Yes, I cover bing/microsoft ads call-only ads, and the only way to get REAL call-only ads.

      4. Call-only ads are definitely easier to optimize, since you just need people to click on the ads, and go through the call. Definitely easier than creating a landing page, etc.

      Feel free to ask any additional questions you may have Dean

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