How To Create a Fast, Secure & Scalable Website For Google Ads & Internet Marketing Course

I get a lot of questions in regards to landing pages for Google Ads marketing.

While many of you are affiliates, many more of you are very broad internet marketers and potentially small to medium business agencies looking to develop a legitimate presence on the internet.

Some of you simply want to create a legitimate website for a new series of offers to promote, such as, Lawyers, Dentists, Home Services, or even a General-purpose site.

My Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks Ultimate List

Google Ads can be frustrating with their policies around charging you for clicks rather than calls, and their disinterest in showing you their Search Partners for the possibility of optimizing.

But I commend their multi-billion dollar team in constantly, and rapidly updating their platform, to the point of sometimes not even releasing any information on these updates.

Nonetheless, here are some of the updates that I’ve observed/discovered in their platform (which entails updating my Pay Per Call Marketing Course constantly).

Pay Per Call Marketing Guide For Beginners For 2021

If you are new to Pay Per Call Advertising, then this is the perfect guide for you!

Pay Per Call Advertising is one of the highest converting methods for selling something.

When speaking over the phone with a customer service representative, the probability of converting a caller into a buyer can range from 10-50% sometimes (based on my own advertising experience & data). On the other hand, with Ecommerce for example, the industry average is a 1-3% conversion rate (also based on my own Ecom experience).

Who Are Google Ads Search Partners? Complete List

Recently, I put out a detailed analysis of how Google Ads was broken and basically burning our advertising dollars.

In the “Search Partners Black box” section, I wrote about how the Search Partner Networks on Google Ads & Microsoft Ads are a massive interstellar black-hole for our advertising dollars.

So using some simple web development and security knowledge, I decided to figure out WHO these Search Partners are.

10 Reasons Why Google Ads Is Broken

Without a doubt, Google Ads can be one of the fastest and easiest way to convert your cash, into more cash.

Money in, money out, almost on auto-pilot once you find a couple offers, or eCommerce products, or sales funnels that work.

But on the flip-side, Google Ads is a money hungry beast that will EASILY burn through your cash, and give you nothing in return… even for seasoned Google Ads Professionals.

Whether it’s through a lack of transparency, a reluctance to add basic features, not giving a damn about how much cash you spend, or Google Ads simply pretending to do everything in your best interest, Google Ads is Broken.