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Paste your keywords below, and have them automatically converted into Broad Match Modifier keywords.

This Free Broad Match Modifier Keyword Converter will quickly add a Plus (+) in front of all words

PPCBasic Keyword Combinator

Keyword match type

How To Convert to Broad Match Modifier Keywords:

To convert to Broad Match Modifier, simply place your keywords into the first Row, and under settings, select + (plus sign)


  • Nothing: Row1Row2
  • Space: Row 1 Row 2
  • Dash (-) : Row1-Row2
  • Custom: Whatever separator you want

KeyWord Match Type:

  • Nothing (Broad Match): Row1 Row2
  • Broad Match Modifier (+) : +Row1 +Row2
  • Phrase Match ( “” ) : “Row1 Row2”
  • Exact Match ( [ ] ) : [Row1 Row2]

What is a Broad Match Modifier (BMM) Keyword?

Firstly, a regular ‘broad match' modifier keyword in the context of search ads includes anything that relates very BROADLY to your keywords such as:

Your Keyword: car insurance

Broad Match results:

  • geico quote (geico is a car insurance company)
  • auto insurance
  • compare the market auto insurance
  • vehicle insurance
  • aa insurance (aa is a car insurance company)
  • trailer home insurance

In the above results you can see some keywords that might be relevant to your business such as ‘auto insurance', but other keywords such as ‘vehicle insurance' might be too broad (what kind of vehicle) or ‘trailer home insurance' (you might not cover trailer homes), or geico quote (you might want to avoid brand bidding because the customer is looking for customer service).

Broad Match Modifier adds a + in front of your keywords, so that your KEYWORD is in the search query also:

Your Keyword: +car +insurance

Broad Match Modifier (BMM) results:

  • car insurance near me
  • compare the market car insurance
  • cheap car insurance
  • affordable car insurance
  • insurance for cars
  • geico car insurance complaint
  • aa car insurance review

In the above BMM keywords, we can see our INITIAL keyword is present in all search queries. We can also see that ‘geico car insurance' is still present, in which case you can add ‘geico' or ‘aa' or ‘complaint' or ‘review' to your negatives if you want to avoid brand bidding on customer support or reviews queries.

When Do I Use Broad Match Modifier?

I ALWAYS use Broad match modifier. The last thing I want is for Google Ads or Microsoft Ads to show my ads on the most random search queries such as ‘jet ski auto insurance' (happens way too often with broad match).

Furthermore, since Google Ads now HIDES up to 50% of your search terms (I've had up to 100% of my search terms hidden), it's important to be specific with your keywords.


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